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Your Competitive Edge

Portfolio Management

  • Stocks
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Profit Sharing, SEP
  • Mutual Fund
  • ETFs
  • Government Securities
  • Money Purchase
  • Fixed Annuities
  • Variable Annuities
  • Simple IRA
  • 401k, 403b
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Reduction Planning


Using Investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and alternatives as building blocks, our analytical work allocates your portfolio into market sectors depending upon both current economic cycles and events. Our monitoring of your portfolio with awareness and study of these events and cycles seeks to help navigate your portfolio through various market conditions.

Fee-based management seeks to put the advisor directly on the same side with the client, as the client’s portfolio growth increases, so does compensation for the advisor.

Our office is experienced in real estate issues and real estate investments. 

Actively reviewed retirement plans for individuals often perform better than unattended plans. Retirements plans for business owners can provide innovative solutions for their retirement. If you already have a 401k or other retirement plan, our office can provide professional asset management. If you do not have a plan, our office can get one started for you.

Lea Smith Johnson

Investment Oversight Service

  • Analyzing your investments and designing a personalized portfolio appropriate to your needs.
  • Review of your portfolio’s positioning to ensure meaningful diversification to address common portfolio flaws.
  • Continual, year-long monitoring of your investments and investment managers.
  • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual meetings to review and evaluate your investment performance in relationship to your goals, update your overall financial objectives and if necessary, reallocate your portfolio as agreed upon by you.