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The Coronavirus, Microsoft and Stockpiling Cash  Thumbnail

The Coronavirus, Microsoft and Stockpiling Cash

Consider the companies that are sitting on stockpiles of cash. Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Alphabet (Google) and Apple were each sitting on more than $100 billion of cash as of the end of last year, according to FactSet. And Facebook and Amazon together are sitting on another $100 billion of cash. (Of course that has likely changed over the past few weeks.) Interesting tidbit: Microsoft has more cash on hand than a lot of countries, including Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, France, Germany and Italy (according to latest IMF data and excluding gold reserves).

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Steps to Take Since the Sports World is Closed  Thumbnail

Steps to Take Since the Sports World is Closed

The sports world has shut down because of the coronavirus. The NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, MLS, USATF, ATP, USAT, NASCAR, XFL, NCAA, your local high school and your town’s recreational leagues are all closed. And no one really knows when they might reopen. No matter what your favorite sport, you probably lean more toward defense or offense, right? But when it comes to your finances, which one are you? Are you more comfortable on offense or defense?

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